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    To our clients

    You are an organizer of an event - it is Your project! The satisfaction of your clients, you colleagues and even your career depends on event’s quality and ROI performance. We are your hands, your feet, your head. And, as a smart head, we realize our responsibility, and we are ready to bear it.

    Who we are?

    We are people who are in love with organizing events and in love with our clients.

    We are a team of professionals with a formidable industry experience supported by the power of the organization with a twenty-year history and expertise in the business travel.

    What we can do

    We know how to achieve our task in the most efficient way because we took part in organizing hundreds of events and because we are aware of the best foreign and local practices.

    We understand the needs of our clients because we personally participate and monitor our events. We went through many clients’ coaching sessions and we simply know how to listen.

    Creative part

    We know how to organize exciting and unusual events, achieve our goals through an ingenious program, inspiring scenario and top-class service. We use the latest IT to help you get your message across, we can brand everything: from room souvenirs to dishware and every guided tour that we organize is not alike.